Why Did They Cancel The Society?

As we previously said, Netflix canceled The Society season two as a result of COVID-19’s effects on the television and film industries. The Society season two’s production did begin in 2019, and it was said back on April 2 (via Deadline) that it was anticipated to air in “late 2020.”

Similarly, Is The Society ever coming back?

In April 2020, Deadline reported that Netflix has renewed the drama for a second season and that it will premiere sometime in late 2020. Netflix, however, notified The Hollywood Reporter that The Society season 2 will not be created owing to problems brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, it is asked, Is The Society Cancelled for good?

Sadly, in 2020, the show was cancelled. What is known about The Society’s Season 2 events is included below.

Secondly, Will there be a season 2 of society?

Netflix has issued a statement about the axing of The Society. Netflix released a statement saying, “We’ve taken the tough decision not to go ahead with second seasons of The Society and I Am Not Okay With This. We’re unhappy to have to make these choices as a result of COVID’s situation, they continued.

Also, What is the smell in The Society?

Dead corpses in West Ham are the source of the odor. It is never made clear what is causing the offensive odor in West Ham. Some speculate that it might be the odor of decaying corpses. This could relate to the issue of the parents’ sinfulness and secrecy.

People also ask, What was the ending of The Society supposed to be?

So, although their parents and other family members continue to live in the right reality, Allie and her friends are stranded in the incorrect universe and have no obvious means to go back home at the present.

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Is The Society coming back in 2022?

However, the COVID scenario could have skyrocketed the cost of production, forcing Netflix to change its mind. I Am Not Okay With This, Netflix said in a statement to Deadline after making the tough choice not to proceed with The Society’s second seasons.

What do you watch after society?

If you like the society, check out these 10 teen dramas. Lord Of The Flies is one. 2 The 100. Three. Under the Dome. 4 Seeking Alaska. I Dare You. 6 ornaments. Seven Strange Things 8 13 Arguments.

Who is Becca’s baby daddy in The Society?


What did Campbell do to the dog?

In the third episode, he makes his initial appearance when he approaches Cassandra outside the prom and then flees just before Dewy approaches to murder her. A few episodes later, the dog arrives to Elle and Campbell’s home and is swiftly killed by Campbell, who most likely did it.

What does the dog mean in The Society?

The dog says that if you pass away in New Ham, you return in West Ham. In actuality, Harry’s actor Alex Fitzalan is the source of this concept.

Where was The Society filmed?

Massachusetts’s Lancaster

How can I get my society back?

In order to get the program back, you just need to tag Netflix and not any other streaming provider. 4. Unlike other shows, The Society is also in its last season, having debuted in May 2019. Before the original cast becomes very busy with other projects, supporters must step up their effort.

Can Netflix cancel The Society?

The pandemic had an influence on the show’s budget and schedule, so Netflix decided to terminate it before it could resume production in mid-September.

Is the society worth watching?

One of the top TV shows is The Society. The plot is fantastic, and teens will like it without a doubt. The whole season took me only two days to finish since it was that fantastic and captivating. I was continually curious as to what would happen next.

What is the point of The Society?

The story centers on a group of teens who discover that everyone else in their town has vanished after returning from a school trip. Cut off from the outside world, the gang is compelled to establish its own society and regulations, and things begin to resemble those in Lord of the Flies.

What play are they doing in the beginning of The Society?

1. Lord of the Flies: The Society’s whole setup is a parody of William Golding’s 1954 book Lord of the Flies, which follows a group of lads who were shipwrecked on an island and who go from being educated scholars to living in a more primitive condition.

How old is Helena in The Society?

24-year-old Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena).

Does Kelly get pregnant in The Society?

After Kelly learns of her pregnancy and wants to help, she and Becca become friends. She conducts an ultrasound on her, saves enough food for both her and the unborn child, and allows Becca to confide in her about her feelings.

Is Elle a psychopath The Society?

Olivia DeJonge plays the role of the woman. She finally finds solace with Campbell Eliot, one of the outcasts of New Ham, since he thinks the two of them are one and the same. Campbell, who is a psychopath, charming her just enough before revealing his actual self.

What did Campbell do to Michael in jail?

Major Campbell imprisons Michael Gray, Polly Shelby’s son, for setting the Marquis of Lorne tavern on fire. Thomas visits May Carleton to inquire about his filly. May introduces him to Mick, the finest horseman in England, and summons him.

Does Campbell care about Elle?

He doesn’t love Elle; he is with her because he wants to dominate her. He and his brother Sam are definitely at odds, but these issues don’t appear to be typical sibling conflicts.

What happened to all the parents in The Society?

The Parents Had A Hand In It The Society purposefully chose to minimize the role of the parents in the narrative. The audience don’t truly know a lot about the grownups because of their absence. The program did, however, make it known that Kelly’s father and Harry’s mother were truly having an affair.

Is The Society ok for 13 year olds?

For anyone under 18, the material is very sexual and inappropriate.

How long did it take to film The Society?

“Right now, I’m developing a Netflix series called The Society. We have such a terrific ensemble cast, writers, and crew, and the plot is excellent. The series will premiere in 2019, and the four-month filming is nearly over.


The “Why Did They Cancel The Society?” is a question that has been asked many times. The society was supposed to end with the show, but it was canceled before it could happen.

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