Which Statement Accurately Describes Spartan Society?

3. Which of the following best sums up Spartan society? D. Girls were raised to become strong mothers and boys were raised to be warriors.

Similarly, Which statement accurately describes the governments of Athens and Sparta in the fifth century BC?

Which of the following statements concerning Athens and Sparta’s governments in the fifth century B.C. is true? Athens was a democracy; Sparta was an oligarchy.

Also, it is asked, Who fought in the Peloponnesian War quizlet?

From 431 to 404 BC, Athens and her Delian League allies battled Sparta and her Peloponnesian League allies in a 27-year war.

Secondly, What best describes the Spartan government?

In the city-state of Sparta, oligarchy ruled over the political system. The government made decisions with minimal input from the populace, yet this was the system in place at the time. The Spartans traded a focus on convenience and culture for a more methodical military strategy.

Also, What is the difference between Athens and Sparta government?

Two kings ruled Sparta, remaining in power until they passed away or were removed. Archons, who were chosen yearly, governed Athens. Thus, Athens is regarded as the birthplace of democracy because both branches of the Athens government had elected leaders.

People also ask, Which of the following was stressed in Spartan society?

Education Having a powerful army was the aim of Spartan society. Boys entered barracks, or military housing, when they were seven years old. Their curriculum placed a strong emphasis on duty, strength, and military prowess.

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What was the main reason Athens and Sparta fought the Peloponnesian War?

Sometimes the origins of this conflict can be traced back to Cleisthenes’ democratic reforms, which Sparta had long resisted. The Delian League, a strong naval coalition that allowed Athens to rule the Mediterranean Sea, was the more immediate cause of the war, nevertheless.

What culture region was an ally of Sparta?

Most of the major land powers of the Peloponnese and central Greece, as well as the maritime power Corinth, were members of the alliance of independent states led by Sparta. As a result, the Spartans possessed a stronger army, while the Athenians had a better navy.

How was Spartan society organized?

Sparta’s form of government was extremely uncommon. The city was ruled by two monarchs, but their authority was restrained by a 28-member “council of elders.” These individuals were chosen from the aristocratic Spartiates, the highest social class.

What is Sparta economy?

The economy of Sparta was based on farming and conquest. Spartans stole the land they required from their neighbors because Sparta lacked sufficient land to feed its whole population. Sparta used slaves and outsiders to create necessities since Spartan men spent their entire lives as warriors.

How did Athens and Sparta differ quizlet?

Because Sparta was an oligarchy and Athens was a democracy, they were different from one another. Additionally, Athens intended to develop educated citizens rather than just soldiers, whereas Spartans placed a heavy emphasis on the military and that was their primary objective in raising strong males for the military. Sparta also valued women more than Athens did.

What did Sparta focus on?

An oligarchy of two hereditary kings governed Sparta. Spartan society placed a strong emphasis on military training and excellence, making it unique in ancient Greece in terms of its social structure and constitution. Women in Sparta had position, influence, and respect that was unmatched throughout the rest of the classical world.

What are three facts about Sparta?

Ten Spartan Facts You Didn’t Know Spartan was the first female Olympic champion. At Thermopylae, 298 Spartans perished rather than 300. The Helots were enslaved as a whole by the Spartans. Lambdas was probably not a feature of the Spartan hoplites’ shields. Instead than using currencies, they traded in iron rods.

What did Spartan society emphasize and what did it reject what did a Spartan citizen’s life consist of?

Spartan society placed a high value on military discipline and martial aptitude. Boys from the Spartans were typically removed from their homes at the age of seven. They were then expected to spend the remainder of their young lives in a communal barracks. Their entire existence was focused on military training.

What problem did Sparta face that forced it to become a military state?

a group of people set up specifically to go to battle. Sparta’s emergence as a militaristic state: why? because they feared a helot uprising would soon materialize.

Which statement describes Sparta’s strategy for the Peloponnesian War?

Which of the following best sums up Sparta’s Peloponnesian War strategy? – Sparta attacked Athens along the coast using its navy.

Why is Sparta better than Athens?

Because of their formidable and protective army, girls obtained some education, and women enjoyed greater freedom than in other poleis, Sparta is significantly superior than Athens. The Spartan army was the most powerful combat force in ancient Greece.

Who won the Sparta and Athens war?

In 404 BC, the Peloponnesian War was won by Sparta after Athens was compelled to surrender. The Spartans had lax rules.

Why did Sparta become a military society?

Spartans Create a Military Culture He expanded the military’s influence in society to prevent another uprising like this one. The Spartans believed that using military might would allow them to protect and secure their city.

What is the meaning of Sparta?

Sparta is an ancient Greek city in the S Peloponnese that was renowned for its strict social structure, military strength, and manner of life.

Why did Sparta develop its unique form of government?

Why did Sparta create its distinct political system? Land grabbing and military build-up in Sparta. created in the military culture. Government: two kings, council of elders, general assembly, and ephors; monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy.

What was just about life in Sparta?

The Spartan way of life was one of austerity and self-denial. More than their parents, children were children of the state. They were brought up to be tough, self-disciplined, state-loyal soldiers. Soldiers arrived at the home when a Spartan infant was delivered, carefully inspecting it to gauge its strength.

What were the social classes in ancient Sparta?

Three major classes made up Ancient Sparta’s social structure. Spartiate were at the very top of society. The perioeci came after the Spartiate, and the helots were at the bottom. The native Spartans of Sparta were the Spartiate.

How did Spartan society thrive and prosper?

Even though there were disputes, alliances served to create a balance of power that prevented the Greeks from battling each other too much because to trade among the many Greek city states.

What was ancient Sparta best known for?

It was a strong city-state in antiquity with a well-known fighting culture. It and its inhabitants were occasionally referred to as Lacedaemon and Lacedaemonians in ancient writings. After defeating Athens in the second Peloponnesian War, Sparta rose to its zenith of power in 404 B.C.

What did Sparta trade for?

The numerous slaves and outsiders were utilized by Sparta to cultivate their land and make commodities. The Perioikois were uninvolved, free Spartan citizens. They engaged in trading activities and exchanged wheat, goat cheese, pork, and olive oil.

Did Sparta trade at all?

Sparta generally discouraged trade, though. The Spartans believed that interaction with other city-states would inspire fresh thinking and erode their authority. It was challenging to trade with Sparta because of its monetary system. Sparta lacked any currency.

Was there slavery in Sparta?

When comparison to the number of owners, Sparta had the most slaves. According to some academics, there were seven times as many slaves as people living as citizens. What were slaves used for in Sparta? In Sparta, agricultural items were produced by slaves for their masters while they labored on their lands.

Which statement best summarizes the differences between Sparta and Athens?

Which of the following best sums up the educational differences between Sparta and Athens? – The arts were taught in Spartan schools, whilst bravery was valued in Athens schools.

Was Sparta a rigid social structure?

What distinguished Sparta from Athens? rigid social structure, militaristic and aggressive culture, oligarchy in Sparta, democracy in Athens.


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