How Does The Society End?

The children in the Lord of the Flies-like series then tried to rule themselves in “New Ham,” which they believed to be a parallel reality, and the series’ climax revealed that it was they who were gone, with their parents still in their hometown of West Ham.

Similarly, Does The Society end on a cliff hanger?

A Cliffhanger Was Left With “The Society” You are all aware that the episode finished on a cliffhanger. The specifics of what transpired and why everything occurred remain obscure to us. Even the showrunner spoke out about how the series will conclude.

Also, it is asked, Do they ever go home in The Society?

Beware of spoilers. The parents are alright, it turns out; it’s only that the people who live in “New Ham” have been magically moved somewhere else. Over the course of many episodes, it becomes clear that this town is really a highly convincing doppelganger and not “the” town where the adolescents spent their formative years.

Secondly, What happens to Allie in the end of The Society?

Despite the fact that she significantly increased their authority, she ultimately lost the Guard’s support and was deposed in a coup. Lexie Pemberton and Harry Bingham took her position as mayor of the town. Kathryn Newton plays the part of the woman.

Also, Why was The Society Cancelled?

As we previously said, Netflix canceled The Society season two as a result of COVID-19’s effects on the television and film industries. The Society season two’s production did begin in 2019, and it was said back on April 2 (via Deadline) that it was anticipated to air in “late 2020.”

People also ask, What is the smell in The Society?

Dead corpses in West Ham are the source of the odor. It is never made clear what is causing the offensive odor in West Ham. Some speculate that it might be the odor of decaying corpses. This could relate to the issue of the parents’ sinfulness and secrecy.

Related Questions and Answers

What does the dog mean in The Society?

The dog says that if you pass away in New Ham, you return in West Ham. In actuality, Harry’s actor Alex Fitzalan is the source of this concept.

Who is Becca’s baby daddy in The Society?


Is there a season 2 of society?

Netflix, however, notified The Hollywood Reporter that The Society season 2 will not be created owing to problems brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Who does will end up with in The Society?

Toby Pressman

Is there a season 3 of The Society?

Season 2 of “The Society” has been canceled. The fanbase was ecstatic and eagerly awaited the new season. However, Netflix bitterly announced through Deadline on August 21st, 2020 that the decision had been overturned and the program had been canceled.

What will happen in The Society season 2?

Season 2 would have witnessed “the founding of what we termed the ‘outpost,’ and the ultimate fight between the outpost and the town for power,” according to Keyser. It brought up many important issues on how we treat one another and how we establish caste systems and an underclass.

Is Elle a psychopath The Society?

Olivia DeJonge plays the role of the woman. She finally finds solace with Campbell Eliot, one of the outcasts of New Ham, since he thinks the two of them are one and the same. Campbell, who is a psychopath, charming her just enough before revealing his actual self.

Does Sam tell Grizz he’s not the father?

Sam attempts to reignite the relationship in the garden, but Grizz is uninterested and still angry that Sam withheld the news of the baby. However, just before Grizz is about to go on his agricultural search excursion, Sam visits him, gives him a kiss, and tells him he must return to him.

Does Kelly get pregnant in The Society?

After Kelly learns of her pregnancy and wants to help, she and Becca become friends. She conducts an ultrasound on her, saves enough food for both her and the unborn child, and allows Becca to confide in her about her feelings.

Who killed Cassandra Pressman in The Society?

G. D. Dewey

What do you watch after society?

If you like the society, check out these 10 teen dramas. Lord Of The Flies is one. 2 The 100. Three. Under the Dome. 4 Seeking Alaska. I Dare You. 6 ornaments. Seven Strange Things 8 13 Arguments.

What does the end of The Society season 1 mean?

So, although their parents and other family members continue to live in the right reality, Allie and her friends are stranded in the incorrect universe and have no obvious means to go back home at the present.

Who does Sam have a kid with?

Then, while many speculate that it is Eileen, we witness Sam begin a family. Dean is the name of the kid they share. In the meanwhile, we find out that Dean has entered paradise, which is a place where you may live happily ever after with everyone you love. Sam is still absent, however.

How old is Helena in The Society?

24-year-old Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena).

Did Campbell help Dewey?

Dewey continues: “Campbell assisted me in planning it. He showed up.” Campbell is taken into custody by Allie, but after realizing there isn’t any proof against him, she releases him. Dewey is put to death by her decision, however. He cries out for mercy and pees himself, but she shoots him along with Jason and Luke.

What was The Society supposed to be about?

The Society tells the tale of a group of youngsters who, after the remaining residents of their town (West Ham, Connecticut), vanish, are left to fend for themselves. The mystery is revealed when the local high school kids come home early from a postponed field trip and discover that everyone else has left.

Who does Cassandra date in the society?

Moreno, Gordie

Is there any romance in the society?

One of the most challenging relationships on the program is that between Luke and Helena. In fact, they are only flawless until they are not. For the most of the series, this pair seems to be in love and their relationship appears to be in great shape.

Who is Ray in The Society?

Greetings from The Ray Society. George Johnston established the Ray Society in 1844 to pay homage to John Ray (1628–1705), one of the most illustrious and significant naturalists of his day.

Can Cancelled shows come back?

On rare occasions, a program that has previously been canceled could be brought back into production. Unforgettable, a CBS crime drama that was canceled in 2012 but returned in the summer of 2013, was an example of this. Sometimes a network may opt to run a show that another network has already canceled.

How many episodes does The Society have?

10 episodes of “The Society

Is it possible for The Society to come back?

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has decided not to renew The Society for a second season. The YA drama, whose filming was hindered by COVID-19, has been shelved and won’t be returning for a second season. I Am Not Okay With This, another coming-of-age sitcom on Netflix, will not be getting a second season.

Why was The Society season 2 Cancelled?

In particular, The Society’s budget would be greatly increased by having to coordinate the schedules of a large juvenile cast and paying for COVID testing and limitations. Unfortunately, Netflix ultimately found itself unable to support a 2020 season of The Society.


The “the society season 2” is a television show that has been on the air since 2016. It follows a group of people living in different locations as they try to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world.

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