A Matriarchy Is A Society In Which Quizlet?

Matriarchy: A civilization in which women make the majority of decisions for their families.

Similarly, What is matriarchy quizlet?

Matriarchy. a culture where women have greater social and political influence than men. You have just finished 12 terms!

Also, it is asked, Who holds authority in matriarchal families?

Matriarchy: A hypothetical social structure in which the mother or a female elder has complete control over the family unit and, therefore, one or more women (as in a council) have the same amount of power over the whole society.

Secondly, What is patriarchy sociology quizlet?

patriarchy. a kind of social structure where men rule over women. sexism. the idea that one sex is inherently better than the other.

Also, Who holds authority in patriarchal families matriarchal families egalitarian families?

Patriarchal extended families that followed patrilineal ancestry were a hallmark of preindustrial households. Patriarchal families are ones in which control over other family members rests with the oldest man (often the father).

People also ask, What does patriarchal mean quizlet?

STUDY. Patriarchy. A system of male dominance in which men utilize their cultural, social, political, economic, and physical dominance to dominate women is known as patriarchy.

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What is the difference between patriarchal matriarchal and egalitarian?

A patriarchal culture is one in which males control the majority of household decisions. Matriarchy: A civilization in which women make the majority of decisions for their families. Egalitarian: A system of power in which spouses are treated equally.

What is a matriarch?

A matriarch is a woman who expressly controls or dominates a family, a community, or a state: a mother who is the leader of her household and its representatives The matriarch of the family was our grandma.

What is patriarchy sociology?

A typical definition of patriarchy is “a system of social structures and behaviors, in which males rule, subjugate, and exploit women.” Then, patriarchal violence is any kind of violence that establishes, maintains, or avenges men’s authority over women.

What is sexism quizlet?

1. Sexism’s definition. The idea that one sex is superior to the other and justifies sexual inequality is known as sexism. Sexism is a bias that may result in sex-based discrimination.

What is the focus of feminist criticism?

“The manner in which literature (and other cultural creations) promote or destroy the economic, political, social, and psychological oppression of women” is the focus of feminist critique (Tyson 83).

What does matriarchal family mean?

1: a matriarchal family, society, or state. 2. A method of social organization whereby inheritance and ancestry are tracked via female lines.

Which of the following is an example of a matriarchal society?

One of the most well-known instances of a matrilineal community, where inheritance is carried through the female line and women have a choice of spouses, is the Mosuo of China, who reside in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Which of the following family types is matriarchal?

Mother-centered or mother-dominated family is a matriarchal family. The lady or mother is in charge of the family. She runs the property and wields power. Since the mother is the first link in the chain, the descent is matrilineal.

What does patriarchy mean in feminism?

Patriarchy theory Male dominance in both the public and private arenas is referred to as patriarchy. The power dynamic between men and women is most often referred to as a “patriarchy” by feminists.

What does patriarchal figure mean?

Its root word is pater, which means father. In a patriarchal society, fathers or father figures are in charge. Traditional patriarchal civilizations are often patrilineal, meaning that male lineages are used to pass down titles and property.

How does the repeated idea in this excerpt reflect an important theme in this play?

How does the notion that keeps coming up in this passage represent a crucial playwright’s theme? The topic “Family connections are difficult” is supported by the frequent usage of “hot” and “cold” terms.

What is patriarchy and matriarchy?

A family headed by a strong woman may also be referred to as a matriarchy in a broader sense. Patriarchy, a structure in which males wield control, is the antithesis of matriarchy.

When was there a matriarchal society?

the last 1.5 to 2 million years

What is patriarchy and matriarchy called?

Patriarchy and matriarchy definitions: A patriarchal social structure is one in which the father serves as the head of the home. Matriarchy: In a matriarchal social structure, the mother serves as the head of the home.

What is another word for matriarch?

This article lists 15 terms that are similar to or opposite to matriarch, including materfamilias, mother figure, head of the family, ancestress, queen, matron, sex-goddess, stepmother, patriarch, and ancestor.

What are the characteristics of a matriarch?

They have official authority over everyone who resides in their home. The children live with their moms, the women are permitted to have many partners, and the surname is passed down to the offspring. A historical group of people that support matriarchal principles is the Hopi tribe.

What is the difference between patriarchal and matriarchal family?

In a patriarchal social structure, the father is the head of the household. In this social structure, males hold positions of authority and are often more favorably treated than women. Mother is the head of the family under a matriarchal social structure.

What was a patriarchal society?

patriarchy, a hypothetical social structure in which the father or another male senior has total control over the family unit and, therefore, one or more males (as in a council) have total control over the society.

What are matriarchal values?

Matriarchies are mother-centered civilizations that are built on maternal ideals such as nurturing, caring, and motherliness. These principles apply to everyone, including moms and those who aren’t, as well as to both women and men.

What are some examples of a patriarchal society?

A patriarchal society is one in which males dominate and set all the rules while women remain at home and raise the children. When the guy in the family takes the family name, it is an example of patriarchy. men’s predominance in social or cultural structures.

What do you mean by matriarchal society give an example?

A matriarchal culture, family, or system is one in which women are in positions of authority and where possessions or power are transferred from mothers to daughters. the matriarchal Sumerian society’s 3,000-year history. 2. a graded adverb.

What is male dominance in society?

As a conceptual word to describe the uneven power relations between males as a group and women as a group, the term “male dominance” emerged in the 20th century.

What is patriarchal ideology?

According to feminist theory, patriarchy is the primary cause of violence against women in modern society, including rape, abuse, and murder. Patriarchy is a societal structure and legitimizing ideology in which males have greater power and privilege than women.

What are the characteristics of a patriarchal society?

Male Dominance: In a patriarchal culture, males predominate in all positions of authority and power, make all choices for society and their families, and are seen as superior.

What is sexism quizlet gender?

The subjection of one sex based on the presumption that the other sex is superior is known as sexism. the variety of attitudes, convictions, laws, regulations, and behaviors that discriminate based on gender.


A matriarchy is a society in which women hold greater authority than men. Women can be the head of state, the chief justice, or even have more power than men in other areas.

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